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  • What can Cache Medical Massage help treat?
    Cache Medical Massage specializes in advanced manual therapy techniques aimed to treat many chronic pain and medical conditions, especially . . . Neck Pain Headaches TMJ Stress/Anxiety Shoulder Pain Frozen Shoulder Low Back Pain Sciatica Hip Pain Knee/IT Band Pain Plantar Fasciitis General muscle tightness Rehab for recent joint surgery Specific sport soreness/conditions And more!
  • What is Medical Massage?
    Medical massage is not a modality or technique, it is a combination of modalities used to meet your unique needs. In medical massage, the goal is to have every massage stroke provide purpose towards accomplishing your goals for your massage. Some common modalities used are: - Myofascial Release - Deep Tissue - Trigger Point - Pin & Stretch - Sports Massage - Cupping - Manual Lymphatic Drainage Medical massage begins with movement assessment to determine the best approach to treating your pain. Then multiple modalities are used to provide the most effective treatment. On top the hands-on treatments provided in each session, clients have access to effective take home tools that can be used between sessions. These tools, combined with the massage service, has led Cache Medical Massage to provide extraordinary results in resolving musculoskeletal pain. ​ Over the years, clients have experienced less pain, seen improvements with stress and anxiety, and have enjoyed better movement abilities. They have overcome many conditions including; sciatica pain, low back pain, migraine headaches, shoulder impingement syndromes, chronic neck pain, and more! They have seen greater flexibility and improved performance for sports and daily activities. They have welcomed a safe, effective, more affordable, non-medication, non-surgical based treatment for their pain.
  • How much does a massage session cost?
    When booking at our main location (525 West 465 North suite 150, Providence), the massage rates are as follows: Single sessions: 60 Minute Massage is $80 90 Minute Massage is $110 120 Minute Massage is $140 Massage Packages (Includes 3 Massages for a total of $30 savings) 60 Minute Massage 3-Pack is $210 90 Minute Massage 3-Pack is $300 120 Minute Massage 3-Pack is $390 If booking with Aaron at his home office (258 West 280 North, Providence), the massage rates are as follows: 60 Minute Massage is $100 90 Minute Massage is $135 120 Minute Massage is $170 We can take Cash, Cards (credit, debit, HSA), or Venmo at any location. *Please note that packages purchased at our main office are not transferable to Aaron.
  • When should I arrive at my appointment?
    If it is your first appointment, you will be asked to fill out a quick questionnaire. Please arrive about 5-10 minutes early to fill this out. This allows your therapist to spend as much time as possible performing your massage. If you have been into our office before, plan to arrive a few minutes early to give yourself time to use the restroom and communicate any trouble areas you want focused on with your therapist. --- Before going into the massage room, your therapist will ask if there are certain areas you want focused on. You will then have a few minutes to change and get ready for the massage. Your therapist will knock on the door to make sure you are ready before they enter. If you need a few more minutes, just let them know. At Cache Medical Massage, we strive to give you the most hands-on time as possible. If you are late, we cannot always extend appointment times due to other clients who have booked appointments. We do give our therapists 15 minutes between appointments to properly clean and change the room, to use the restroom and grab a drink and snack, to welcome their next client and have them fill out paperwork, and to help you check out and get rescheduled. Please remember that your therapist's time is valuable and to be fair to all clients, we ask that you please be on time to your appointment. We understand that life happens, and you may be late on occasion. Please understand that you may not get your full hands-on time if you are late.
  • What is the best way to book an appointment?
    Booking online is the preferred and easiest way to book appointments. By booking online you can see all available appointments with each of our therapists. You will also receive email confirmation of your appointment and receive reminders from our online booking system. You can also call or text to set up appointments. You are very important to us, but please understand that we may not be able to get back with you immediately, due to our therapists' busy schedules. We will get back with you as soon as we are able. Please note, Aaron is no longer accepting new clients, except through referral from our other therapists. You cannot book online with Aaron. Please call or text to set up appointments with Aaron.
  • Do you accept insurance?
    Cache Medical Massage does not bill insurance but can provide a receipt for services provided that you can submit for reimbursement. Some insurance companies will accept the Square receipt you receive, others will need a more detailed receipt. Please let us know if a detailed receipt is needed. Since Cache Medical Massage does not bill insurance, payment is due at the time of service. Thank you.
  • Do you have gift certificates?
    Yes! We have gift certificates available. Gift certificates are issued in dollar amounts, not session times. This allows the receiver to use the certificate amount on any length of massage or with any massage therapist.
  • What do I wear at my appointment?
    We will always encourage you to dress down to your comfort level. You will be properly draped throughout your massage. Our client's comfort is our top priority! In most cases, therapists can best treat you when they can touch skin. Access to skin is also needed to use extra tools like cups or soft tissue tools. Your therapist will walk through the areas being treated and recommend what level to dress down for the most effective treatment. Massage can be done fully clothed, however clothing may impede the number of tools and techniques utilized during your treatment. You may also choose to dress down completely for comfort. A sheet and blanket will be used for draping. The area being worked may be undraped while being treated but will be covered when the therapist is done treating that area. When working legs and hips the sheet will be wrapped around your leg to provide a higher level of comfort and security. If needed, you will be asked to hold the sheet when movement of a limb is used in the treatment. If you are ever concerned or uncomfortable, please let your therapist know and adjustments will be made. Some examples: If you are only needing neck, shoulder, and back work, you may choose to remove just your top clothing and leave your bottom clothing on. This allows the therapist to utilize all techniques and tools to treat your trouble areas. If you are receiving treatment for hip pain, you may choose to remain completely clothed. In this situation more pin and stretch and compression techniques will be used. If you are having shoulder and leg pain, you may choose to dress down completely. This would allow for more techniques and tools to be used. Your therapist is trained in proper draping techniques and will ensure you are comfortable.
  • Do I need a doctor's note to schedule?
    You do not need a doctor's note to receive treatment with Cache Medical Massage. If you doctor would like to send a note they can. On your first visit you will fill out an intake form. This will be a great place to note areas you would like focused on and to make us aware of any contraindications that we need to work around.

Frequently Asked Questions

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